Teachers-The World Book encyclopedia has a great resource for citing resources properly. Click the link below.

Just what does the term bibliography mean?
A bibliography is simply a listing of all of the resources used for a project or research you might be doing. We also cite pictures that are used in presentations that we make.

Words you should understand- title page, verso,copyright, copyright date, and publisher
Now let's look at where to find the information on your book or website.
Below is how to cite a book with one author
Author's name. Full book title. [in italics] Edition [if stated]. Volume number(s) [if a multivolume work].
City of publication: Publisher’s name, year of publication. Publication medium.
Eshleman, Clayton. Grindstone of Rapport: A Clayton Eshleman Reader. Boston: Black Widow Press, 2008.
bibliography lesson title page.JPGWhere to find this info: Open your book to the title page. You will find the title and author as well as the illustrator if applicable, the publisher and place of publication.

bibliography lesson verso side.JPG
Now turn the title page. This is called the verso of the title page (it’s back side). Here you will see the:
  1. the copyright (year of publication)
  2. the city of publication (this is sometmes found on the title page)
  3. the publisher (company that published the book)

Citing a Web site
Author's name or website name. Url and Date of access.
World Book Encyclopedia.
http://worldbookonline.com/kids/home; Dec 9, 2013.